Introducing M2MC 2GO Online Sales!

How does consigning at a 2GO Online sale work?

To Get Started…

Just like an in person sale, first you register for the sale, then enter your items.

While you are entering items for a 2GO Online sale, you’ll take a picture to upload with the item.  This will become your digital tag!

You don’t need paper tags right now-
just the image of your item and all of it’s info!

During Sale Week…

Just like an in person sale, as a consignor you will have EARLY ACCESS to shop!

Watch your items sell during the sale!  It’s so exciting!

People will be shopping your items from the comfort of their own homes, at the pool, waiting at their kids gymnastics, whenever!!

After the sale ends online…

This is when you attach your tags and drop off your items that have SOLD!

You will print your tags for all of your items that have SOLD from the same place you enter your items to sell.  (You will need to attach the tags to your sold items prior to your drop off.)

Drop off will be on Wednesday after the sale ends at the Sportsplex in Winchester, VA.  We are pleased to offer two remote drop off locations this season on Tuesday evening following the sale.  One is in Harrisonburg, VA and the other is in Woodbridge, VA.

M2MC will then make sure all items are sorted and ready for their new owners.

Pick Up & Payment Info…

Shoppers will pick up their items on Friday from the Sportsplex in  Winchester, VA.

We will now offer a shipping option for buyers that want to shop from afar for ONLY clothing, accessories, small unbreakables, and shoes.  The shipping cost will be the USPS cost based on the weight of each Buyers package.  More details to follow for this option.

Final Payment to 2GO consignors from online sales will be sent via payment selected on Friday following shopper pick up.


Need more details?

Consignor Registration Fee : $12

This non-refundable fee is for the use of our software system and to advertise!

Consignor Percentage : 65%

Consignors keep 65% of their sales

Community Support

Exclusive consignor Facebook group available for questions and tips!

Ready to sign up?