Thanks for your interest in our Busy Mom Option!

With the BMO Program, you drop off your CLEAN, ORGANIZED items to Mom 2 Mom Consignment's Office in Winchester, VA.
We tag them for sale, and you keep 40% of what your items sell for.
Pay your registration fee here to reserve your spot today!
I agree to have read the accepted items list here;
I agree to have read the accepted items list here;

By paying your registration fee, you are confirming your space in our Busy Mom Option Program for the Fall 2022 Season.

This is an agreement from signer and Mom 2 Mom Consignment LLC (M2MC) Office Located in Winchester VA

I understand that I will be charged a $24 registration & transportation fee to reserve my space in the BMO Program.
I understand that this fee is non-refundable.


I understand that the BUSY MOM OPTION consignor percentage earnings are 40% on sold items.

I understand that any fees associated with my account will be deducted from my first consignor payment.
I understand that my consignor earnings will be paid to me via my payment preference on the Friday following each sale. I understand that M2MC has guardianship of my items, they may be transported, prepared, stored, and presented for sale in a variety of manners.
I understand and agree that Mom 2 Mom Consignment LLC is not responsible for fire, loss, theft, or damage to my sale items while in the guardianship of M2MC in any event location, storage location, or tagging teammate location.

I understand that my items will be prepared and stored at the M2MC office in Winchester, VA. I understand that my items will be physically transported between locations as necessary. I understand that my items will be presented to be sold at the Kids Choice Sports & Fun Center, the Sportsplex, and the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.

I agree that M2MC reserves the right to refuse any item. I understand that any item deemed unacceptable for sale will be directly donated to charity.
I also agree that as a condition of selling items in a M2MC Sale, I represent and warrant the following to be true and correct:
I am the owner of the items to be sold, and I have full authority to sell the items offered by me for sale.
Each item offered for sale by me is in good operating condition, reasonable wear and tear expected, and is not defective, broken or damaged in any way.
All clothing items offered for sale are clean, stain and tear free, and all battery operated items have working batteries.
I agree to have read the accepted items list here;

**REJECTED Item Fee: I understand consignors who drop off more than 20 items that get rejected will incur a fee of $.50 per item taken from their final check. We understand that everyone has different lighting at home and everyone's eyes are different, which is why we have a grace amount of 20 rejected items per consignor. To avoid a rejected item fee, please double check your items (and the accepted items list) at home before you drop them off to your tagging teammate.

Any repaired item was repaired by the original manufacturer or in accordance with the original manufacturer’s warranty program. Each item complies with applicable law. No item is the subject of any pending or threatened recall notice or other consumer protection enforcement action. I have checked for any manufacture recalls and any items that have been recalled have been repaired to the manufacturer’s guidelines prior to arriving at the sale. I know of no reason why any item offered for sale by me would cause any injury to another.

By appearing in a public venue as a shopper, consignor, or crew member, M2MC has my permission to use my image in any publicity avenue they choose.

This Non-Compete Agreement is made effective as of the date signed below, by and between Mom 2 Mom Consignment LLC and Consignor as signed below. Non-Compete Covenant: For a period of 24 months after the effective date of this agreement, consignor will not purchase, own, be an interested party in or start a children’s consignment event business that competes with M2MC. This covenant shall apply to the geographic area that includes the area within a 50 mile radius from a M2MC sale location. Confidentiality: Consignor will not at any time or any manner, either directly or indirectly, use for personal benefit, or divulge, disclose or communicate in any manner any information that is proprietary to M2MC.
Price: $ 24.00
Please pay your registration fee to make your drop off appointment!