Thanks for Consigning with M2MC our Busy Mom Option!

Please make sure we have the most up to date information. Fill this out with your contact, presale, & payment preferences.
You will receive your 2 adult presale tickets on TUESDAY before the sale!
(All consignor presale tickets are issued at the end of consignor drop off during sale week).

Payment Options

Please let us know how you want us to send your money after the sale!

Paypal, Venmo, or Paper Check.

Note...paper check will only be offered at an additional cost of $5 per check to be mailed. We recommend choosing Paypal or Venmo.

About 1099's: Due to the changes in reporting requirements that came into effect in July 2021, we are now required to report income paid to you as consignor earnings if you earn over $600 in a calendar year.

If you choose Paypal or Venmo, your earnings will be reported from those financial institutions directly, as a part of your 1099-K. We will not have to collect any more info.

If you choose to be paid via paper check, you will need to set up your Payment account with our payroll system, GUSTO. This will include having a W-9 on file in your payroll account with us, and we will file a 1099-NEC for all consignors who have been paid more than $600 at the end of the year,

Thanks so much, consignor!