We get it, Mama!
You would LOVE to participate but you just can’t seem to squeeze in time to get your items prepared for the event.

Our Busy Mom Option was made for you!  “Busy Mom” Consignors will drop off their items at the M2MC office in Winchester, VA and then just wait to get paid!  

Busy Mom Details :

Busy Mom Option (BMO) Consignors keep 40% on their sales

Consignors who drop off at least 15 sellable items will be eligible to attend ONE consignor presale in any of our locations, consignor’s choice

$24 consignor registration & transportation fee is due prior to your drop off appointment.


Prepare Your Items

All items must be CLEAN and ORGANIZED prior to drop off 

Drop off all your great stuff

Items must be dropped off to the M2MC home office in Winchester VA.
All hangers and supplies provided by M2MC.
M2MC will PREP and PRICE all items for sale!


Wait for the sale

All items will be transported to all 3 of our Fall 2022 in-person sales.
Any unsold items will be donated to charity on your behalf.

Get Paid!

Consignors are paid quickly after the sale!

Busy Mom Applications are OPEN for our Fall 2022 Season! 

First, lets get through some of the details...

Please check the boxes to confirm you have read and understand the following :
This fee is your registration fee into the BMO program, and covers the transportation of your items.
We're located at 3076 Shawnee Dr, Ste F, Winchester VA 22601.
This means baby equipment wiped down, seats washed, clothing clean (and not stained).
SERIOUSLY. NO STAINED ITEMS. If you drop off items with stains, you could incur a fee for rejected items.
If you are accepted as part of our Busy Mom program you agree to DOUBLE CHECK the condition & season of your items before you drop off so you don't incur a fee! (a fee?! YEP, if you drop off 20 items that we have to reject you WILL HAVE a $10 fee taken out of your final check, and $.50 for every item over 20). We really JUST WANT YOUR SELLABLE ITEMS, so please ONLY drop THOSE OFF.

Now, a little about you...

Finally, a little about your items...