Busy Mom Option

We do the tagging, you get the rewards!

Don’t have time to tag your stuff?  We get it, Mama!
You would LOVE to participate but you just can’t seem to squeeze in time to get your items prepared for the event.

Our Busy Mom Option was made for you!  “Busy Mom” Consignors will drop off their items in Winchester, VA and then just wait to get paid!  

BMO Details

Drop Off Info:

All items must be dropped off to Ashley’s House in Winchester, VA.
All items must be CLEAN & ORGANIZED prior to drop off.
All items should be dropped off in boxes, bags, or containers that you DO NOT WANT BACK.
All clothing must be stain-free, folded, and organized by the size on the tag.  Each size must be in their own box or bag, with the size labeled on the outside of the container (Grocery bags or trash bags work great for this!)
Non-Clothing items must be organized by type.

Consignor Payments & Fees:

BMO Registration & Transportation Fee: $28.50 (paid at registration)
BMO Consignor Percentage: 40%
Rejected Item Fee: $.50 per item.  This fee will apply to items that are rejected prior to tagging as well.  Please check your items for stains and cleanliness prior to drop off!
Supply Fee: All tagged clothing items will have a fee of $.75 per item.  The supply fee is calculated based on the number of tagged clothing items in your inventory.
Consignor Earnings: Consignor Percentage, less fees, paid after the last sale of the season.
As a BMO consignor, you will receive a presale tickets to the sale of your choice this season.

Our BMO program is FULL for the 2023 season.

Complete the form below to get on the wait list for next season!

BMO Wait List