Welcome, Consignor!

This is info for our

Spring 2022 SALE
April 22-24
in Harrisonburg, VA

Important Dates & Times

Consignor Registration &
Item Entry Cut Off

Wednesday, April 20
@ 10am

Consignor Drop Off Days

Tues, Apr 19 @ 4 pm- 8 pm &
Wed, Apr 20 @ 10 am- 2 pm

Drop Off Deadline

Wednesday, April 20
@ 2 pm

Top Tier Consignor Presale

Thursday, April 21
@ 12 pm – 8 pm

Consignor Presale

Thursday, April 21
@ 2 pm – 8 pm

Unsold Item Pick Up

Sunday, April 24
@ 4 pm – 6 pm

Accepted Items & Limits

Please choose ONLY your items in “gently-used” condition. Items must be CLEANED prior to arrival.

Note:  M2MC does NOT accept recalled items.  You are responsible for checking your items for recalls at cpsc.gov.

Consignor Item Limit : 300

One Item = One Price Tag

Multiple pieces sold together as one item should be attached together appropriately and marked on the tag.  A bag of 100 Legos priced at $5.00 is 1 ITEM, not 100.

If you’re a returning consignor and had a sell-through percentage higher than 85% at the last sale, you will be eligible to bring more items to the sale.  Please contact us to increase your limit.


Seasonal clothing and items, all-year clothing (jeans, collared shirts t-shirts), children’s items, baby items/equipment, electronic toys WITH their batteries.

NOT Accepted

DVD’s, recalled items, broken and/or items with missing pieces, stained clothing, out-of-season items, teen & adult clothing items, home decor, adult bedding, bras, kitchenware, miscellaneous housewares, etc.



*10 item limit for maternity clothing. 

Item Prep Info

All clothing items MUST BE HUNG ON HANGERS, and the hangers should fit the clothing appropriately.

Note : Hangers are sold as part of your item. WE DO NOT REMOVE HANGERS during the sale.

Shoes should be zip-tied or tied together with ribbon. ONLY USE A BAG FOR SHOES AS A LAST RESORT!!


All items MUST be

  • Clean
  • Stain-Free
  • Tear-Free
  • Seasonally Accepted
  • In Working Order (batteries included!)

*Rejected items can incur a FEE!!*
See more in Drop Off Info.

Entering Items

Log-in to your consignor portal by selecting your city under Consignor LogIn

Choose “Add Items” and follow instructions on screen to enter prices and items/descriptions (desktop and mobile versions available, voice-entry and typing options available).

Remember: Please be as SPECIFIC as possible in the “description” of the item.

Printing Tags

Print tags on white/light CARDSTOCK!
**Using paper risks tag tearing/getting lost and item becoming un-sellable.

Attaching Your Tags

Attach the tags to your items with a 
safety pin or a tagging gun THROUGH A SEAM OR MANUFACTURER TAG!


Have a question about tagging?

How To Price

Most Items

should be priced at 50-70% less than what you would pay retail for them.


Charge MORE for :

New with Tags
New Releases
Excellent Condition
Large Items
Rare Items


Charge LESS for :

Good Condition
Infant Clothing*
Casual Items
Common Items

PRICE SIZES Newborn-12 Months LOWER.


Price items for what YOU WOULD PAY FOR THEM
in their condition.

Make sure to take your EMOTIONS OUT of your prices.

Clothing Brand Examples



Circo, Garanimals, Faded Glory, Child of Mine, Just One You, Just One Year, Jumping Beans, George, Joe Boxer, Okie Dokie, Canyon River Blues, Basic Editions, etc.
*Consider bundling some of these brands, for example, 2 shirts for $2.50

Retails under $10



Old Navy, Carters, Crazy 8, Children’s Place, Koala Kids, Genuine Kids, Arizona, OshKosh, Cat & Jack, etc.
*Consider bundling some of these brands, for example, 2 shirts for $3.50

Retails under $5-15



GYMBOREE, Gap, RL Chaps, Lands End, Nike, Under Armour, Mini Boden, Justice, Bonnie Jean, Hartstrings, Youngland, etc.

Retails under $10-20


50% or less of retail

BOUTIQUE: Janie and Jack, Matilda Jane, Lilly Pulitzer, Mud Pie, Strasburg, Roxy, Rosalina, Persnickity, etc.

Retails over $20


Drop Off Days & Times

Tuesday of sale week  @ 4 pm – 8 pm
Wednesday of sale week  @ 10 am – 2 pm

Drop off closes PROMTLY at each closing time.  Arrive with enough time to set your items out.  (Approximately 30 minutes per 150 items). 

Schedule a drop off appointment

You MUST sign up for a drop off appointment and check in during your appointment time.

Drop off scheduling is located in your Consignor Portal.

Consignor Drop Off Step-by-Step

Step 1 : Come Prepared

Before you leave your house, make sure you have :

Your items organized by size/gender/type

Have clothing items organized by size and gender.
Have all like items grouped together (books together, feeding items together, legos together, etc).

ALL of your tagged items

You would be surprised how many people forget a box under the table or in the closet!  Grab all Bins, Baskets, Bags, or Boxes, and load up!

Step 2 : Arrive at the Fairgrounds


Check In

Stop at the Check-In table to fill out your Drop Off Form
(You can use our computers OR scan the QR CODE to use your own phone)!

**DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!! A copy of this form will be emailed to you and the link to sign up for your Presale Pass IS IN THERE! This is also where you can OPT IN to receive a paper check.

Bring your items inside

You should bring MOST of your items during your drop off appointment.
If you need to make multiple trips, you may come at any time DURING drop off hours.

Step 3 : Place your items on the floor


Set your items out on the sales floor

You are responsible for setting your items out in their correct section & size. We will have crew members stationed around the building to help you navigate!

Large Items Must Be Assembled

This includes ALL CRIBS!!
*Unless the box is factory-sealed, the item must be assembled on site during your drop off appointment.



Give all of your items another look as you put them out so you don’t incur a FEE!

(A FEE)?! YES, we’re not kidding, if you put out 20 items that we have to reject you WILL HAVE a $10 fee taken out of your final check, and $.50 for every item over 20).


**All items we reject after drop off will be held until Sunday for you to claim at pick up from 4pm-6pm, NOT before then.**


That's it!

Once your items are on the sales floor and you have filled out your drop off paperwork, you are all set!
Item inspection will occur after drop off ends.

Note : Drop off closes PROMTLY at each closing time.  Arrive with enough time to set your items out.  (Approximately 30 minutes per 150 items). 

Rejected Item Fee Information


If you put out 20 items that we have to reject, you
WILL HAVE a $10 fee taken out of your final check, and $.50 for every item over 20.

We strive to have quality items for our shoppers, please help us by checking your items AGAIN as you place them on the sales floor.
The venue has GREAT lighting, so peep those pieces one more time!

NO stains/missing pieces/off-season (save your Fall/Winter items for the Fall Sale and vise versa for the Spring Sale)!!

This does nothing but turn shoppers off to staying longer and buying MORE of your stuff! If you wouldn’t purchase the item you set out at the price you marked it, it means it’s overpriced.
We WILL REJECT things that we find grossly overpriced.

Battery powered items MUST have batteries!!

Presale Info

Top Tier Consignor Presale
Thurs. October 7, 2021
@ 12 pm – 8 pm
Consignors earn access to the Top Tier Presale from their past sales.

Consignor Presale
Thurs. October 7, 2021
@ 2 pm – 8 pm
Metal VIP Tickets begin at 4 pm in conjunction with consignor presale.

All the Presale Details

Receiving your Consignor Presale Passes

Your Consignor Presale Pass will be emailed to you after your drop off appointment upon the completion of your Check-In paperwork.  All consignors will receive 2 adult passes.

Child Passes

You may bring your children to shop, HOWEVER, you MUST pay attention to them. Please remember that these items are someone’s just like yours until they are purchased.

Unsold Item Pick Up
Sun. April 24, 2022
@ 4 pm – 6 pm

Any items left in the building at 6 pm will be donated.
There are no exceptions!

Consignor Pick Up Step by Step

Step 1 : Come Prepared

Before you leave your house, make sure you have :

Your Phone

The UNSOLD ITEM REPORT will be uploaded at 3:30 PM.  You will be able to access it from your consignor portal on your phone!

Bins, Baskets, Bags, or Boxes

Bring your own containers to retrieve your items!

Step 2 : Get your items


Arrive at the Fairgrounds at 4 pm

Consignor pick up begins promptly at 4 pm and ends promptly at 6 pm.


Find your items on the sales floor

Items will be available in the same sections you dropped them off it.


Still looking?

Also check : Lost Tag Section, Rejected Items Section,
and the rest of the sales floor.

Note : These items have been in front of the public all week. Sometimes people set things down where they do not belong. Look all the places.

Please note

We don’t stop selling items until consignor pick up ends at 6.
If you find something that you still want to buy,
you totally can!

That also means that someone could have purchased your item after reports were last uploaded at 3:30.
Final sales and reports will be uploaded on MONDAY!

Step 3 : Check out and go!


Check out your items at the door

M2MC Super Crew Members will be ready to check consignors items out at the door.

Consignor Payment
will be sent to you via
Deluxe e-check on
Monday, October 11, 2021

to your e-mail address on file.

Want to get a paper check instead?

If you do not want to receive your check via email, you can now Opt-In to receive a paper check within 2 weeks of the end of the sale for a $10 fee.
The opt-in will be available on your Check-In Form at Drop Off.

Reports Info

Located in the bottom of your consignor portal.

Estimated Earnings

This will always say

To calculate your estimated earnings :
Multiply your Consignor %
(consignors earn 65%)
by the Total Sales
on the bottom of your Sold Items report.

Total Sales x Consignor % = Estimated Earnings

Sold Items

This is updated each evening approximately 30-60 minutes after closing on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Also updated at 3:30 pm on Sunday prior to Pick-Up.
Final update is on MONDAY.

Seller Report

Uploaded on MONDAY.
Contains final sales, check amount, and sell-thru %

Donation Report

Uploaded on MONDAY.
Contains all items that were marked for DONATE and did not sell.
Donations are sent to Mercy House, ​54-1476187

Unsold Item Report

Uploaded on SUNDAY at 3:30 pm.
Contains all items that were NOT marked for DONATE and did not sell.
Note : Times are printed in CENTRAL TIME on the reports.  2:30 CST is 3:30 in our time.
Items that you did not pick up on this report were donated.  Donations are sent to Mercy House, ​54-1476187

M2MC in Harrisonburg


Loacted at

Exhibit Hall
Rockingham County Fairgrounds
4808 S Valley Pike
Harrisonburg VA 22801