If something is not on the list, just shoot us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions!

General Questions

When does consignor registration open?

Consignor registration opens approximately 12 weeks before the sale season.

When does drop off appointment scheduling open?

Approximately 6-8 weeks before the sale.

What is the consignor registration fee?

Consignors pay a $12 registration fee when you sign up.

The registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

It is payable with any credit or debit card through Paypal.  You do not need to have a Paypal account to register.

What percentage of my sales will I keep?

Consignors keep 65% of their sales. 

What is a rejected item fee?

Consignor who drop off more that 20 items that get rejected will incur a fee of $.50 per item taken from their final check.

We understand that everyone has different lighting at home and everyones eyes are different, which is why we have a grace amount of 20 rejected items per consignor. 

To avoid a rejected item fee, please double check your items at home AND as you are setting them out on the sales floor.  If you have questions about any items on location, please ask.

How many items can I bring to consign?

Consignor Total Item Limit : 300 items

Category Limits Per Consignor :
5 item limit : Junior Girls, Womens, Womens Shoes, Mens Shoes
2 item limit : Purses

Consignor Item Limit Increase available by request to RETURNING CONSIGNORS WITH A SELL THROUGH PERCENTAGE OF 85% OR MORE

No category limit exceptions.

Is there a minimum number of items to consign?

There is no minimum number of items to consign,
to be elligible for your presale passes, you need to drop off at least 15 SELLABLE ITEMS.

What is a TOP TIER Consignor?

A TOP TIER Consignor is someone who is AWESOME at consigning!  Top Tier Consignors have sold in the top THIRD of all of our consignors at the sale, and are elligible to attend the TOP TIER COSNIGNOR PRESALE to shop even EARLIER at the next sale!

What items do you accept?

We accept most items used for babies and kids!
Full List of Accepted Items

Can I participate in multiple locations?

Yes!  You will be able to keep the SAME consignor number and password.  You will need to REGISTER FOR EACH LOCATIONS seperately from our website.

Item Prep Questions

How do I find out if an item has been recalled?

Please visit for the most up-to-date recall information.

How do I price my items?

PRICE TO SELL! We would rather send you a large check at the end of the sale, then have a large lot of your unsold items left!  Please price as your items the same as you SHOP for your items, everyone is looking for great deals. 

How should I present my items?

Small clothing ARE TO BE HUNG on child-sized hangers, and larger clothing items ARE TO BE HUNG classic hangers. Please make sure your items are presented appropriately. DO NOT fold pants over hangers. Items that are free of wrinkles sell better, consider ironing your higher valued items!

How should I tag my items?

We’ve gathered some easy tips to help you thru this process, please click below for more information on tagging.

How do I group multiple items to be sold in a set?

Clothing items can be hung on separate hangers and then banded together, please note on item’s tag description how many items are with the set. If you choose to use safety pins, PLEASE to not damage the item you are grouping together, safety pins as well as tagging gun barbs should be placed on the INSIDE clothing size tag or INSIDE SEAM, NOT THRU THE FRONT OF THE ITEM! Please maintain the quality of your items by not placing holes on the outside of the clothing.

How do I keep shoes together?

Please tie shoes together with a piece of ribbon or zip tie. BAGS SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY TO USE RIBBON OR ZIPTIE.

Can I print my tags on regular paper?

NO! Regular paper rips too easily and will become detached from your item. If we do not know who it belongs to, we cannot sell it. Tags should be printed on cardstock (thicker than regular paper).

What color cardstock can I use to print my tags?

White or light colors are ok. DO NOT use anything in the blue family (even light blue) as they will not scan very well.

Do I use safety pins or a tagging gun?

Either is fine! Whatever you do, please do not put holes in the items. Please attach tags to the manufacture tag or seam of the clothing.  DO NOT TAG THE FRONT OF THE ITEM WITH A TAGGING GUN, WE WILL REJECT ANY ITEMS DAMAGED BY TAGGING.

Sale Week Questions

When is the consignor presale?

Consignors who have dropped off at least 15 sellable items will receive 2 adult passes to shop the Consignor Presale.

Consignor Presale is on Thursday of sale week :
Winchester : 10 am – 8 pm
Harrisonburg : 1 pm – 8 pm
Woodbridge : 1 pm – 8 pm

Consignors will receive their digital presale pass after their drop off appointment.

Note : Metal VIP shopping begins at 1 pm in Winchester and 4 pm in Harrisonburg and Woodbridge.

When is the TOP TIER consignor presale?

Consignors who have dropped off at least 15 sellable items AND who were in the TOP TIER of consignors from their previous selling season are elligible to attend the TOP TIER Consignor Presale.

TOP TIER Consignor Presale is on Wednesday of sale week in :
Winchester : 5 pm – 8 pm

TOP TIER Consignor Presale is on Thursday of sale week in :
Harrisonburg : 12 pm – 8 pm
Woodbridge : 12 pm – 8 pm

Consignors will receive their digital presale pass after their drop off appointment.

Note : Metal VIP shopping begins at 1 pm in Winchester and 4 pm in Harrisonburg and Manassas.

How do I get my presale pass?

The link to claim your digital presale pass will be sent to you via email when you complete your drop off.

Who can come to the consignor presale?

Consignors who have dropped off at least 15 sellable items will receive to adult passes.  Consignors may chose whoever they like to bring.  Children are always welcome.

Where do I bring my items?

You bring your items to the location that the sale is held.  Drop off appointments will be available to sign up in your consignor portal approximately 6-8 weeks before the sale.

Consignor Drop Off Times :
Winchester : Mon 4-8 & Tues 10-2
Harrisonburg : Tues 4-8 & Wed 10-2
Woodbridge : Tues 4-8 & Wed 10-2

What happens during my drop off appointment?

YOU (or the person who drops off your items) MUST CHECK IN AT THE TABLE AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME TO RECEIVE YOUR DIGITAL PRESALE PASS!  You will drop all items into their location on the sales floor before or after your check in appointment during open drop off hours.
Inspection will take place on the sales floor after consignor drop off is complete.

How can I keep track of what I've sold during the event?

It’s easy!  The software we use allows you to track your sales each day.  We upload every evening (about one hour after closing).  Log in to your consingor portal and check your “Sold Item” list to see how you are doing!

What happens to my hanger when my item sells?

The hangers are sold as part of your item.  Due to the fast-paced nature of our events, it is not feasible to remove them during the checkout process.

What happens to my items that don't sell?

You can choose to mark DONATE on your items when you tag them, and we will donate them to charity after the sale.

OR you can pick up any unsold items during our consignor pick up on Sale Week Sunday from 4-6.

Any item left behind at 6pm will be donated to charity.

When is consignor pick up?

Consignor pick up is SALE WEEK SUNDAY from 4-6pm at each location.

Items that were 0not marked DONATE can be picked up by their consignors during this time only.

All items not picked up by 6pm will be donated to charity.  There are no exceptions.

Post Sale Questions

When will I receive my earnings?

M2MC pays the SUSTAINABLE way!  E-checks are sent to your email address on file the Monday after the sale ends.  Just PRINT your check and then deposit it!

New for 2021, if you want to receive a paper check 2 weeks after the sale instead of an e-check, you can select that option for a fee during your drop off appointment.

How do I transfer my inventory between sales?

Transferring inventory is done on a case by case basis ONLY.

Consignors who have a sell thru rate about 70% will be qualified for an item transfer.  If you’d like to consign at multiple sale, contact us with your consignor number, location your inventory it located, and locaton you would like to be moved to.  We are happy to take a look for you!

How do I find my Sell Thru Percentage?

It is located on your Seller Report in your your consignor portal as “% of items sold.”

What charity should I list on my donation report?

Please visit our Donation Partners page.