Item Prep Info

Learn how to get your items ready for the sale

It’s time to get your stuff ready for the sale!

When you have something ready to sell, enter it into your inventory by choosing Add an Item from the top menu.

When choosing a price, remember, PRICE TO SELL!  Our shoppers are looking for deals.

Once you have entered your items, print your tags on CARDSTOCK!  Tags print 10 to a page, and save as a pdf for you to print at home or send anywhere (staples, your mom, wherever you usually print stuff).

Attach your tags to your items.  Do not tape over or damage the barcode!

When you bring your items to consignor drop off, they need to be ready for the sales floor.  This means everything needs to arrive:


      • clean
      • tag attached correctly
      • clothing on hangers
      • all pieces together

Your goal while prepping & tagging your items is to display the product in a way that is appealling & clear to shoppers.

PLEASE USE CARE WHILE ATTACHING YOUR TAGS!  Do not attach your tags in a way that will damage the item.  For clothing, make sure you attach the tag to the manufacture’s tag or to a seam.  For books and soft surfaced items, please use masking tape to not damage the surface of the item.

Tagging Supplies You DEFINITELY Need

Access to Internet & Printer

No printer at home?  You can print at any copy shop or library w/ access to the internet!


Thicker than regular paper.  Light or White Color.  NO BLUE OR SHINY CARDSTOCK!

Cleaning Supplies

No stains, no stuck on food, no gross.


All clothing items must arrive on hangers to be sold.  Hangers are sold as part of your item.

Tagging Supplies You MIGHT Need

Tagging Gun & Barbs

Tagging guns can be used to attach tags.

Safety Pins

Safety Pins can be used to attach tags.
Also helpful to attach pants to hangers.

Zip Ties

Attach items that are being sold together (like shoes) or in some cases, tags.

Ziploc Bags

Keep multiple pieces being sold together.  Only use bags for PLASTIC items.

Packing Tape

Used to tape tags onto plastic items.  DON’T TAPE OVER THE BARCODE.

Masking Tape

Used to tape tags onto delicate items. (Like Books!) DON’T TAPE OVER THE BARCODE.

Ribbon or Yarn

Attach items that are being sold together (like shoes, bedding sets, etc)

Plastic Wrap

Secure items with multiple pieces so that they can stay assembled.  PUZZLES!!

Item Prep FAQ’s

If something is not on the list, just shoot us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions!

Can I print my tags on regular paper?

NO! Regular paper rips too easily and will usually become detached from your item. If we do not know who it belongs to, we cannot sell it. Tags should be printed on cardstock (thicker than regular paper).

What color cardstock can I use to print my tags?

WHITE (some light colors are ok but please JUST USE white). DO NOT use anything in the blue family (even light blue). NO PURPLE!  NO GREEN!  NO RED! DO NOT laminate your tags.  DO NOT use shiny cardstock.  Please use WHITE.  White.  White.

How do I price my items?

PRICE TO SELL! We would rather send you a large check at the end of the sale, then have a large lot of your unsold items left!  Please price your items the same as you SHOP for your items.  Everyone is looking for great deals.

How do I find out if an item has been recalled?

Please visit for the most up-to-date recall information.

How should I present my items?

Small clothing ARE TO BE HUNG on child-sized hangers, and larger clothing items ARE TO BE HUNG on classic hangers. Please make sure your items are presented appropriately. DO NOT fold pants over hangers. Items that are free of wrinkles sell better so consider ironing your higher valued items!  CLEAN your items.  WASH dirty shoes.  Clothing with stuck on foods or other questionable things will be rejected.  Dirty toys and baby items will be rejected.  Shoes with mud and dirt caked on soles will be rejected.  Again, please take the time to CLEAN your items.

How should I tag my items?

We’ve gathered some easy tips to help you thru this process.  Please click below for more information on tagging.

How do I group multiple clothing items to be sold in a set?

Clothing items can be hung on separate hangers and then banded together. Please note on item’s tag description how many items are with the set. If you choose to use safety pins, PLEASE do not damage the item you are grouping together.  Safety pins as well as tagging gun barbs should be placed on the INSIDE clothing size tag or INSIDE SEAM, NOT THRU THE FRONT OF THE ITEM! Please maintain the quality of your items by not placing holes on the outside of the clothing.  DO NOT share a hanger for two individually priced items.

How do I keep shoes together?

Please tie shoes together with a piece of ribbon or zip tie. BAGS SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY TO USE RIBBON OR ZIPTIE.

Do I use safety pins or a tagging gun?

Either is fine! Whatever you do, please do not put holes in the items. Please attach tags to the manufacture tag or seam of the clothing.  DO NOT TAG THE FRONT OF THE ITEM WITH A TAGGING GUN, WE WILL REJECT ANY ITEMS DAMAGED BY TAGGING.