We’re Hiring, Friends!

Let us know if you would like to stay on the M2MC Sale Staff!

As you know, at M2MC we strive for a quality sale every. single. sale.

Last season, we had created a new position at M2MC, the Clothing Inspector, or CI for short!  This season, we have transitioned to a 100% Employee Sale Staff!

No additional consignor compensation can be earned, however, pay is $12.50/hr. 

Sale Staff will be part-time, seasonal employees of M2MC.  We do not require sale staff employees to travel, they can be hired for one, two, or three locations.

M2MC Employees get to shop FIRST!  Employees will receive 2 adult tickets to the employee presale time they are eligible to attend.  


We’d LOVE to have you back!

You can apply to work at ONE, TWO, or THREE locations, but please only apply to what you are actually capable of doing.  🙂