Sale Staff Job Requirements

Please make sure to read the following job requirement prior to your interview!  Talk to you soon!

Role and Responsibilities

Sale Staff are an integral part of making the sale a success!
Sale Staff are responsible for many tasks, including, but not limited to,

·       Bagging items

·       Building equipment

·       Cashiering

·       Inspecting items

·       Greeting consignors and/or customers

·       Organizing the sales floor

Requirements & Qualifications

Sale Staff employees require the following abilities

·       Ability to stand for long periods of time

·       Ability to sit for long periods of time

·       Ability to physically perform all tasks required

·       Ability to follow instructions, both written and/or verbal

·       Ability to have a friendly personality


·       Must be 18 years or older

·       Must be able to work in the United States

·       Must be able to commit to 12+ hours during the sale week.

·       Must submit availability 6 weeks prior to sale week.