Employee Dress Code

    All employees must wear a branded shirt, provided by M2MC, and adhere to personal appearance guidelines (close toed shoes, comfortable bottoms appropriate for a moving environment, etc.) 

    All employees are required to wear a mask while working.

    (exceptions for build crew & clothing inspection)


    Sick Policy:

    • Do not come to work if you are experiencing symptoms.
    • Notify us ASAP if you are not able to make your shift via established work text thread. 

    Build Crew

    Main Objective:  Set up or take down equipment used to operate the sale.

    • Follow floor plan and instructions
    • Use power tools WITH COMMON SENSE

    If you have work gloves, or your own drill, we welcome you to bring them to these shifts!


    Main Objective:  Greet & direct people as they enter the building.

    • Scan tickets
    • Offer customers shopping bags to use
    • Answer customer questions
    • Accept payments for entrance times

    Please make sure to watch the door for items leaving without being purchased!

    Drop Off

    Floor Organization & Inspection

    Main Objective:  Keep non-clothing sections organized and inspected throughout consignor drop off times.

    • Direct consignors on where to place items
    • Check items for quality and functionality
    • Mark inspected items with a sticker

    If you have any questions on whether or not something should be rejected, ASK!

    Clothing Inspection

    Main Objective:  Get out the crap.

    • Pull clothing items off the rack
    • Put them onto a z-rack to be checked and scanned out

    Low quality makes people shop less!  We want them to take a long time and look at all of the AWESOME stuff!

    Floor Organizer

    Main Objective:  Keep things looking fabulous.

    • Look for items out of plac and put them back
    • Check with cashiers for go-backs.
    • Answer customer questions
    • Keep eyes open for theft and suspicious activity

    If a customer is struggling to carry something, offer to put it on hold for them!


    Main Objective:  Assist cashiers & customers with check out process.

    • Remove items from bags
    • Place items barcode UP on table
    • Assist in looking for lost tags
    • Help with hold items
    • Place items in bags after they have been scanned out

    If you think an item has not been scanned, please alert the cashier!

    Hold Area

    Main Objective:  Assist customers with holding their items while they continue to shop.

    • Show customers how to mark their items
    • Place items in designated hold area.

    Please make sure phone number and time are included on their tag!


    Main Objective:  Scan items and collect payments.

    • Customer service is KEY!
    • Keep track of item count to make sure items are not missed (look for LARGE ITEMS!)
    • Bag customers items
    • Count your drawer and be responsible for your transactions
    • Follow instructions on computer for errors & special functions

    “I can help you” is always better than “Next!”